Leslie Engineering


Leslie Engineering offers a comprehensive list of civil engineering services to help you accomplish your project goals.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Single Family and Multi-Family Residential facilities planning and design
  • Commercial and Industrial facilities planning and design
  • Municipal and recreational facilities planning and design
  • Educational and Medical facilities planning and design
  • Public and Private Road, Street, and Parking planning, analysis and design
  • ADA compliance planning and design
  • JARPA Coordination
  • SEPA Compliance
  • Engineering Peer Reviews
  • Feasibility Analysis and Cost Estimating
  • Compliance with Department of Ecology Fresh Fruit Packing General Permit and associated wastewater system and facility design
  • Compliance with Department of Ecology Construction and Industrial Stormwater General Permits
  • Erosion Protection and Sediment Control design and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Site development, earthwork, grading, drainage and utility design
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic analyses and studies
  • Group A, Group A TNC and Group B Water Systems
  • Water systems planning, analysis and design
  • Sanitary sewer system analysis, design, and reports
  • Storm drain system analysis, design, and reports
  • Stormwater management facilities analysis and design